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Starting a small business? Maybe looking to grow an existing one? If so you have come to the right place! We look at all the small business resources and tools you need to start and grow your own business, and how to stay healthy while working from home.

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How to choose Your Best Office Chair?

The flow of your work will also depend on the kind of chair you are sitting on during that time. According to research, you chair may be a great factor in your daily performance and efficiency at work. So why settle for old and stiff chairs? Maybe this is now…

How to write a bsuiness plan

How to Write a Small Business Plan

It can not be underestimated how important it is for your small business to have a clear and concise business plan. A sad statistic is that the large majority of small businesses fail in the first few years, usually due to insufficient capital or poor planning. Having a business plan…

writing a business plan

Writing a Business Plan: Top Five Tips for Writing Yours

There are many different reasons for writing a business plan and many different factors you must consider. I have seen literally hundreds of business plans over the years and have discovered the key elements that must be considered to get the best results. Here are my top 5: Know your…

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The Home Business Start-Up: How to Get Your New Idea off The Ground

When you are starting a business, the first few months are crucial. In fact, most new businesses shut down within two years. With careful planning and a dedication to your company above all else, you can survive the first two years and continue to have a successful business for many…